1. packing day. movers came at 9am and boxed up our lives in under four hours. 

    greg and i spent all but nine months of our relationship in this apartment, which me moved into october 2011. despite that history here, i wasn’t feeling particularly sentimental until toots’ first toy was uncovered behind the sofa. she pounced on it the second they were reunited, and i enjoyed a flashback to her as a puppy, barely big enough to play fetch with her knitted octopus—which i bought on etsy during my first week working there.

    greg and i settled in and made a home here so quickly. it boggles me to look back on it, to see that our houseplants have grown tall and are now leaning against each other in boxes, ready for the big move. more than sentimental, i’m excited to build up our new home, and i’m hoping to capture that story on this blog, so i can remember some of those moments along the way that would otherwise potentially wind up behind the couch.

    see you in putnam valley.